Bookkeeping for Small Businesses: The Importance of the Backup

Posted on February 2, 2016


Backing up Your Data is a Key Security Measure in Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

bookkeeping for small businessesBacking up is a critical part of bookkeeping for small businesses. Whether you have gone paperless in an effort to be a green company, or if you are surrounded by walls of file cabinets, if you don’t have appropriate backup procedures, you’re leaving your company vulnerable to a host of catastrophes.


You don’t have to be a multi-million dollar company to prioritize the security of your business information. Here are a few considerations related to protecting your data, and a few options for a backup solution, all appropriate in bookkeeping for small businesses:


The Threats

Fire and flooding: Destruction of your physical business location through a flood, fire or similar event is a serious threat to your data. Your paper files will get soaked with water in a fire, even if they survive the blaze, and your computer hardware won’t fare any better.


Theft: If your business is targeted to hack the information of your clients, the solutions available are costly and your reputation still may not survive this type of breach. Keeping records secure is a key reason why backing up is a critical part of bookkeeping for small businesses. Think of all the data you house in your business: employee records, financial details and client information. The loss of any of these sets of data could spell the end of your business.


Human error: Until you don’t have any humans working at your company, there will be human error. Don’t put your employees in the position of having the power to destroy your business with a simple mistake. Getting back up solutions in place prevent the total loss of data due to human error.


The Solution

Digitization: If you’re the company with rows of file cabinets, brimming with client records, you should consider digitization. If it’s looking like a big task, remember that you can outsource this task to a company specializing in digitization.


The Cloud: Once you’ve got your paper files digitized, back them up on an Internet server of a cloud security provider. Cloud solutions are relatively new, but the security available is unparalleled. Initially, business owners had difficulty believing that placing critical information on a cloud server could be safe, but when you consider that security is all these companies do, you realize that your data is well protected.


External options: If you’re a slow warmer to cloud security, you could also invest in an external hard drive or a business archiving system. Both are good choices when backing up data from bookkeeping for small businesses.


If you need assistance determining whether your backup process is robust enough to protect your business, set up an appointment with Bert Doerhoff, CPA. Doerhoff and his team at AccuBiz regularly work with companies like yours to ensure that data is secure in case of major events, like fires and floods, or the simple mistake of an errant keystroke.

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