QuickBooks Brings Changes to Small Business Accounting

Posted on January 26, 2016


Your Small Business Accounting is About to Become More Efficient

small business accountingQuickBooks is a great software choice for small businesses. It offers a user-friendly program with clean bookkeeping functions and professional invoicing and reporting. One of the best features of QuickBooks, however, is the ongoing improvement in functions and features that make small business accounting easier and more efficient.

QuickBooks has introduced QuickBooks 2016, with a focus on improved reports, better bill tracking and streamlined deletion of transactions. Here are a few of the best updates you’ll see in the new QuickBooks:

Improved bill tracking: The updated version of QuickBooks gives you a new dashboard for tracking all your bills in one window, highlighting those that are overdue. The new feature captures what users liked about the Income Tracker that came with previous versions of the software. The overdue bills are seen clearly on the dashboard, but there are also options for taking quick action to resolve those bills in the same window.

Delete in bulk: When you’re ready to delete a number of transactions in bulk, QuickBooks now allows you to remove them quickly. You can also use the system’s new filters to select the type of transactions you’re ready to delete, and the linked transactions are also shown. Intuit protects your deletion process with integrated data backup, so if you delete transactions by mistake, they can be recovered.

Better reporting: There are new reporting tools to support small business accounting in the 2016 version of QuickBooks. There is now a date filter for Current Fiscal Year-to-Last Month reporting. There is also an improved data updating, verification and rebuilding feature within company filing to prevent errors. Finally, QuickBooks added custom fields for improved flexibility in the system.

Added simplicity: There are certain complex operations in QuickBooks that have been simplified in the 2016 version. The system will use simplified dialog for improved backups on existing files. The label printing has also been improved, with single-roll continuous labels added as an option.

Efficiency improvements: To make QuickBooks a more efficient option for small business accounting, Intuit has changed several features. The most significant, however, is the new ability to multi-task in the system. Users can now work on more than one file at the same time, and multiple users can work on separate copies of the same file. Accounting communications are also possible in the new version of QuickBooks.

If you are considering QuickBooks for your small business accounting needs, or if you are debating whether to upgrade to QuickBooks 2016 from another version, Bert Doerhoff, CPA, can provide guidance. QuickBooks is a great choice for small businesses, and we know the system well and can come alongside you for training and other assistance. Call on AccuBiz to help you determine the best software system for your business.