Outsource Your CFO Services so You Can Focus on Business Growth

Posted on August 11, 2015


For Improved Analysis, Cost Savings, Hire CFO Services

CFO servicesIf you are starting up a new business, you may not be able to afford outsourcing certain areas of your business, such as CFO services or human resources. However, as you grow, it can become cost effective for you to hire other companies to do some of your core functions.

When it comes to CFO services, there are many reasons why you should consider outsourcing as your business grows. Here are just some of the key considerations:

It allows you to focus on your business. Even if you have a background in accounting and are fully capable of handling everything from payroll to financial reporting and analysis, CFO services can free up your time for sales forecasting, operational process improvements and growth strategies. Ask yourself what the best use of your time is. If doing accounting work is the best use of your time then you should consider what business you are really in.

Employing a CFO services provider can help your staff refine processes and control errors. They can also maximize your profitability by providing guidance about the management of expenses and other basic record-keeping that can affect your bottom line.

CFO services are increasing their breadth. A couple of decades ago, it was common to outsource payroll or other bookkeeping tasks, but keep financial reporting and analysis in-house. While many companies still appreciate this arrangement, CFO services are expanding to encompass all areas of accounting and analysis.

Companies that provide outsourced accounting services generally operate specialized software that provides robust analysis and reporting tools. Turning over your entire bookkeeping and accounting profile to an accounting specialist allows your company to benefit from a more comprehensive understanding of your financial health.

CFO services can expand to consultation. Right now you are growing your business, and the day-to-day tasks take up much of your time and concentration. Down the road, you may be ready to expand into another type of business or sell your current business and enjoy the wealth you’ve created.


Your CFO services provider can not only generate reliable reports and accurate record-keeping, they can also become a trusted advisor. From preventing auditing problems to protecting the investment of your business, your accounting specialist can become a partner that helps you strategize for the growth and protection of your business.


When it’s time to sell your business, a reliable CFO services provider will be able to assist you in valuing your business and ensuring that your assets are purchased at their worth. After years of advising you in ways to build a solid business, your accounting specialist will be ready to witness a successful, profitable sale.


AccuBiz offers CFO services to companies that are looking for a trusted partner to provide accounting expertise. We would enjoy an opportunity to talk with you about your accounting needs and the benefits you could experience when we partner with you. Give us a call today to set up an initial consultation.


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