Go Google Yourself!

Posted on June 1, 2012


As Business Advisors, our client discussions often reach beyond tax and accounting issues.  A recent client meeting sparked an interesting topic of the importance of a web presence.  Many small business don’t feel they need a website – they may be local businesses that feel that their customers already know where to find them, or they may feel their business is too small to require a website, or they may not be comfortable enough with technology to know where to begin with a website.  But consider this: ten years ago, if you wanted to find a business you probably looked in the yellow pages.  In more recent years you may have “Googled it” or used another online search engine.  Now, many people are even ditching their computers in favor of smart phones and ipads.  If you want people to be able to find you, you have to be out there where they are looking….on the web!  Your website doesn’t need to be fancy,  it just has to be there – so that if someone does a search for your business name, your website appears and people can contact you.  Of course, if you are in an industry that is very competitive, better websites may win more customers.

If you do not have the technological skills to create a website, there are plenty of companies out there that will do it for you.  One of the upsides of having someone do it for you is that most of these companies will also get your site registered with the major search engines and do some search engine optimization (SEO) for you.  Of course the downside is it will cost you and can get very pricey.  Shop around and compare prices.  Know what you are looking for and be clear on what services their fees cover.  Check with area colleges to see if their Marketing Department offers any website development services.

If you are computer savvy, there are a number of inexpensive programs out there for creating basic websites.  Consider this a work in progress that you can always improve or build on.  Start with the basics – basic information highlighting the products or services that you provide, hours of operation and contact information – phone, address, email, etc.

Once your website is up and running, go Google yourself…and do it often!  It may take a little time for your website to make its way to the search engines, but it will get there.  If your web-building company did not do it, or if you created the website yourself, make sure to register your site with FREE services such as Google Places and Bing Maps.  These will help get you noticed, and again, they’re FREE!

We are not marketing or website experts, but we are here to help our clients succeed in business, so that often means advising in areas other than tax or accounting – sharing information on a variety of business related topics.  If this information was helpful, please follow this blog or visit our website for more business, accounting and tax information.

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